Monday, June 29, 2009

"To the Best of Our Knowledge" Podcast Episode Focuses On Fairy Tales

The podcast "To the Best of Our Knowledge" focuses on fairy tales this week. The episode is just under an hour long and has interviews with each of the people mentioned below and excerpts from their work (where relevant) included in the entertaining discussion on the importance of fairy tales during hard times - for not only children but adults too.

The following summaries of the podcast contents ae from the website and I've added the relevant books and links so you can find the people and the works discussed:
Annie Gauger has edited an annotated version of the classic novel ”The Wind in the Willows.”Nina Paley has re-told the story from the Ramayana using animation, Indonesian shadow puppets and a ‘20s era jazz singer.Musharraf Ali Farooqi translates ancient Indian tales of sorcerers and wizards, originally written in Urdu.Maria Tatar talks about what makes fairy tales so compelling to children. *Jack Zipes discusses Kurt Schwitters’ life and work, particularly his surreal fairy tales.

You can listen to the interesting podcast HERE.

* I have a post, with reviews, coming up on 7/3/09 all about Maria Tatar's new book.
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