Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Retold Fairy Tales Anthology:"Terribly Twisted Tales"

There's a new retold fairy tales anthology out and it's a good one! As with any anthology, expect some variation in the volume but more than a few of these stories would easily fit with the Windling/Datlow Fairy Tale Series (which should already be on your bookshelf).

The book is:
"Terribly Twisted Tales" edited by Jean Grabe & Martin H. Greenberg

There are 18 short stories with quite a variety of authors and approaches. I promised I wouldn't write very much commentary so I'll just say I highly recommend this volume and wish there were more! (hint, hint Grabe/Greenberg!)

Here is's review/overview

and here are some comments by a few of the writers on their included works:

Paul Genesee wrote "Revenge of the Little Match Girl"
Kelly Swails wrote "Three Wishes" (don't be fooled by her LJ blog title "Copyright Infringement"- it's her and she's very happy about her story!)
Michael A. Stackpole wrote "The Adventure of The Red Riding Hoods", which finishes the volume.
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