Sunday, July 12, 2009

Steampunk Fairy Tales - Part I of III

Halfway into jotting down my myriad ideas for a new fairy tale retelling, I realized the genre it fit perfectly was: Steampunk.


How can I possibly write steampunk? Don't you have to be part genius to handle everything from the Victorian language and sensibilities, combined with all that technical mechanization and steam technology? Then I realized many fairy tales are actually well suited to the genre and that means I'm already well on the road. It also explains why the ideas just kept coming and fell into place.

I knew there was a contest by CGSociety called "Steampunk: Myths & Legends" (which included fairy tales) toward the end of last year, with the contest winners announced in late February. (You can find all the contest entries HERE) I remember loving the few entries I saw and thought I'd post some to show you just how fun this idea can be. In further Googling, I found even more 'steampunk-ing' of fairy tales, not limited to the competition.

I thought I'd collect my favorites for you into a few different posts and link you to the creators. You can click on the images to see a larger version (which I highly recommend). The artist can be found be clicking on the title/artist note above each one.

So here's 'Part I' of Steampunk Fairy Tales.


Parts II & III are coming later in the week (Tuesday and Thursday).
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