Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Science of Fairy Tales - New Series at Once Upon A Blog...

I thought I'd start a fun new series:
'The Science of Fairy Tales'.
(No, it's not based on the book above - I just like that there's a science program that teaches scientific method and exploration in a fairy tale setting. Click on the image above to learn more about it.)

I've collected quite a few pieces of information on scientific facts and theories that are relevant to fairy tales - enough that I have around 10 or so to start - so I thought I'd start a general series and add to it every so often as things appear in the news or are dug up out of my archives.

The first one will appear in a couple of days, then a few more next week, just to get things rolling. If you have any tid-bits you'd like to add to this series, please feel free to email me (see the sidebar for the address) and I'll add it.

For today, I thought I'd show you something I found called, funnily enough, "ILLUSTRATED STUDIES IN SCIENCE AND FAIRYTALES" by Julia Y. (a.k.a. DumpsterDivinE on Etsy).

You can click on the images to get a closer look and read her text.

Here's the blurb about these drawings from her WEBSITE:
"Rana Regulus Demutatio" is the first installment in the series "Illustrated Studies in Science & Fairytales." The title is the latin term for "Frog Prince Transformation" and it is the first accurate documentation of the internal processes involved when a frog transforms into a handsome prince.
Are we grossed out yet? Completely - and completely fascinated too. More please!

While the new series on Once Upon A Blog... will actually scientifically based facts, theories and stories relating to fairy tales, I couldn't help pop in the "Rana Regulus Demutatio" for you. Somehow I have a feeling some (demented?) scientist, somewhere, is experimenting to see if frogs can transform/be transformed... (runs off to grab a pencil and start scribbling a new story)

And while we're on the subject of The Frog Prince (or, more correctly The Frog King or Iron Henry), here are two of my favorite retellings: "Fair Peril" by Nancy Springer and "Water Song" by Suzanne Weyn. Click on the book covers to be taken to more information about each.

NOTE: You can find the rest of the images from JuliaY's book HERE and see her awesome website HERE.
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